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Make the right decisions with product analytics.

Understand customer need by using customer analytics.

Product Recommendation


(This feature is coming soon.
Pricing will be updated later.)


Boost sales and increase conversion rate with personalize recommendation system.


Customer Engagement


(This feature is coming soon.
Pricing will be updated later.)


Turn visitors into loyal customers by engaging with them at right time with right content automatically.



  • Register an account
  • Once register successfully, you will be asked to create a Project using our Dashboard
  • When done with creating the Project, you will be provided a snippet of code (Javascript) in order to include into your website
  • Leave us a message so that our staff will start configuring the snippet to work appropriately for your website
  • The amount of fee varies by each package. You can pay by cash on delivery, bank transfer, Paypal or Ngan luong.
    You can switch to another package whenever you feel like it. Fee is determined depending on how much data has been processed and which package you want to use next.
    Yes we can. Based on the complexity and amount of data needed to be processed, you may be asked to pay an appropriate amount of fee. Contact us for more details.
    We have 2 options for you: (1) Switch to a more suitable package, (2) Keep the current package and pay for the over-limit data.
    An event is an action on your website. For example, a view on an item, a check-out, a click for add-to-cart. A customer is the record of 1 visitors personal informartion.

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